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Reuters UK

Afghan air force ascent slow, imperilling battle with Taliban
Reuters UK
NATO is training and advising some 390 Afghan pilots, most with no tactical combat experience, and a limited number of planes and helicopters have been promised to bolster an air force of around 140 aircraft, mostly transport helicopters. As a stopgap ...

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SecAF learns about Reserve flying training mission
Jonathan Garner, 49th Fighting Training Squadron Instructor Pilot, pause for a photo before a T-38 Talon flight Dec. 18 at Columbus Air Force Base, Mississippi. The flight was to demonstrate to the Secretary how Columbus AFB trains future fighter ...

Florida Times-Union

Spain: 10 dead, 21 hurt in crash of Greek F-16 jet at base
Yahoo News
According to a U.S. Air Force website, TLP was formed in 1978 by NATO's Central Region air forces to advance their tactical capabilities and produce tactics, techniques and procedures that improve multi-national tactical air operations. The 10 NATO ...
U.S. Air Force personnel among casualties after F-16 crashes into flight line ...Florida Times-Union
Minor injuries for US airmen at Spain jet crash siteStars and Stripes

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435th AGOW improves airspace, builds partnerships
Air Force Link
In other words, pilots are only able to operate an aircraft in weather conditions that are clear enough to allow them to see where the aircraft is going. Assisting the Slovenia air force in creating the Civilian Aviation Authority approved procedures ...

Obama's India visit: Air Force One is a symbol of US Presidency evoking awe ...
Economic Times
NEW DELHI: Partly dipped in blue, carrying an unmatched aura that evokes awe and wonder wherever it goes, 'Air Force One', the Presidential aircraft of the United States of America is a star in its own right. The 70-meter-long customised aircraft ...

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Air Force Link

Modernization is a must for the nuclear enterprise
Air Force Link
By Staff Sgt. Torri Ingalsbe, Secretary of the Air Force Public Affairs Command Information / Published January 21, 2015. Maj. Gen. ... Maj. Gen. Garrett Harencak (U.S. Air Force photo) ... The Air Force's goal is to develop and purchase 80 to 100 LRSB ...
Next Generation bomber a top priority for the US Air forceNext Big Future

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